Dugar de Baladrar Staffordshire Bullterriers inform:

DUGAR DE BALADRAR Staffordshire Bullterries want to make known to all fans and / or Staffordshire Bullterries breeders and those interested in breeding DUGAR DE BALADRAR STAFFORDSHIRE BULLterriers that:

Only DUGAR DE BALADRAR SBTs produces specimens DUGAR DE BALADRAR. Any suggestion or comment that any breeder and / or fan made regarding to the lineage of their dogs and litters affirming that are “Dugar de Baladrar line” is false, born from a single interest, to be able to sell at a good price their "commodity", missing the truth and deceiving their potential clients.
No breeder and / or amateur produce Staffordshire Bullterries of the type, structure and genealogy DUGAR DE BALADRAR. Only DUGAR DE BALADRAR is who produces.
Only are Dugar de Baladrar Staffordshire Bullterries those dogs born from our own litters and with our affix DUGAR DE BALADRAR. Being all crosses organized, planned and designed exclusively by their owners, Juan Manuel Durá y Ana Garcia. Any advertising that does not come directly from DUGAR DE BALADRAR SBTs is plagiarism, pseudo breeding and desire for prominence to make easy money off of our reputation and work as breeders and genuine quality of our dogs that is known and recognized throughout the world.
Any breeder that even owning a dog of Baladrar de Dugar, asserting that produces line Dugar de Baladrar is untruthfully, because the seal DUGAR DE BALADRAR only is in DUGAR DE BALADRAR we show our tenacity, seriousness and discipline in breeding.

Furthermore, and contrary to what many are divulging everywhere, concerning to comments like that we do not breed, are withdrawn from the breeding and / or that we do not sell puppies are ABSOLUTELY FALSE, and born of envy and ambition of these slanderers in order to sell their 'gender, trying to separate us from the scene of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and thus they can thrive.

We want to make known to all fans of this breed that DUGAR DE BALADRAR Staffordshire Bullterries produce litters every year, that an important part of the puppies produced by DUGAR DE BALADRAR are born to satisfy those who are interested in our Staffordshire Bullterries. It is true that we are very methodical in our breeding and select much our crosses, essentially valuing health, temperament and structure of our dogs and as a consequence we produce a rather small number of specimens stock, but we are rewarded with a very high level in all our puppies. Quality and quantity are antagonists from the beginning of time. Therefore, we can only satisfy and cater to those interested who are serious, responsible and true lovers of Staffordshire, who reward quality rather than quantity, to those who know how to value the serious and respectful work with Staffordshire Bullterrier; work that culminates in genuine and authentic Staffordshire Bullterriers. And to satisfy those who have the right patience will be rewarded with an extraordinary DUGAR DE BALADRAR puppy.

Juan Manuel Durá y Ana María García.
Dugar de Baladrar Staffordshire Bullterriers.

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